Suspensions and Expulsions

matt shane deskIn an era of heightened security and paranoia, many schools are quick to suspend students. Furthermore, the schools are resorting to expulsion more and more frequently. I have represented students who were charged with offenses as varied as using profanity, bringing razors to school, making internet threats, indecent exposure on school property, and even one case in which the victim of an unprovoked attack by another student was suspended for fighting!

Administrators are often unsympathetic to parents, and there are times when legal help may become necessary.

If you believe an order of suspension is about to be issued, or even if such an order is already in place, call me immediately to discuss your options. There are times when it may be counter productive to bring an attorney into the picture. I will only advise that legal action be initiated if I believe my intervention will help you prevail.

While many schools claim that records of suspension are not made part of a student’s permanent record, it is important to make a case by case evaluation. Schools always have a tremendous advantage over any individual student in a disciplinary hearing. Nonetheless, the involvement of an experienced attorney may lead to a compromise acceptable to all parties. The earlier you call me in the process, the more I may be able to help.

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